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Myths and Legends

  • Creation The creation of the Four, and Dregora itself!



  • Andor The Forest Region and domain of the Solanum.
  • Mortus The Plagued lands of the former 7 kingdoms.
  • Un’Doun The dark beneath and home of the Lunarii.
  • Largos The archipelago inhabited by the watery Denizens of Dregora.



    Avant-sul’ De-loris: The eldest race to walk upon Dregora. They are the offspring of Genevieve and the Veritas. The “Avant” as other races call them, differ wildly from one to the next taking on strange or fantastic traits from their celestial heritage be it pointed ears, wide opaque eyes, or radical hair/skin pigments.


    Creations formed from the living stone themselves, the aptly named Stonebourne are Hadren’s favored children. Hearty and stout these rocky denizens of Dregora are renowned for their craftsmanship and ingenuity with the riches of the Deepspace.


      Unions between the races and demonspawn the that raged across the land during the Devil Wars The infernals try desperately to cling to a life that they never wished for. Facing both hatred for being born, and an anenimity for a war they never fought in the half breed children await their messiah in a world that hates them.

Main Page

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