The Legacy of the Creator

Justin D'moore's journal entry 7

Entry – 7

Things have been… hectic since the last entry I made. Raine managed to shake his pursuers’ and Marcus came back near morning. Marcus found a hiding spot but also found what he thinks to be corpse queens minions outside the town. I don’t know anything about that but he is going out with some arbiters to check it out and help deal with it if it turns out to be true. More power to him if he wants to put his neck out on the line again. I stayed at the inn with Raine and Banshee went to look for more information about her past, poor girl it must be hard to not remember anything about yourself. We spent most of the day in the inn, Rain and me. I even taught him to juggle. As the afternoon dragged on however Raine started to wonder what was taking Marcus and Banshee. We eventually decided to go take a look. I even had the bright idea of having Raine track their scent in dog form. I blame myself for what happened next.

We hadn’t made it more than ten steps when shouts of “DEVIL DOG!!!” went up and the guard was hot on Raines trail again. Poor guy just cant get a break in this city. Eventually I was able to create a distraction allowing rain to escape. At that point I thought it prudent to go on a short camping trip in order to let the devil dog fervor go down a bit. I had Raine leave town and wait for me while I got our things and left a note for Banshee and Marcus. After leaving the city though Raine said he smelt Marcus aboard a strange wagon entering the city. I made a snap decision and pursued to investigate. Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with me. I managed to conceal myself under the wagon. Then it entered the keep. I couldn’t help feeling exceptionally screwed at that point. I exited the wagon and hid in the stables until dark. I tried sneaking in to find Marcus. Tried being the operative word. A man caught me and the very sight of him filled me with a sense of . . . wrongness, something about him was just off. He began pursuing me, never raising an alarm or making a sound, just stalking me.

I spent the next several minutes trying to lose the creepy guy but just went from bad to worse after alerting a guard. Then out of nowhere Raine in dog form comes flying in and proceeded to distract the entire guard around the keep. And banshee came in and shot off a spell of some kind at my pursuer to boot. I made a dash for the keep door and got inside shutting it behind me. I hadn’t got more than one hallway down when Three Fist of all people comes careening down the hall at me club in hand! I barely made it out of the way as he smashed his way out of the keep. Behind him in shackles was Marcus. We quickly find keys and get the restraints off but can’t get to his gear before those creepy guys come back. Marcus called them half dead I think. We tried to get deeper into the keep to lose them but just ran into some guards. We needed out. And with only our one escape route blocked by creepy half dead thugs I had little choice. I drew my blades and charged the two cloaked figures.

Marcus must have been worse off than I had thought; he fell trying to get around the cloaked figures and didn’t get up. I didn’t know what to do, but he had called himself Three Fist’s friend earlier. So I took a chance. I left him there and ran past the cloaked figures once outside I saw a strange tableau in front of me. Raine naked in human form was wrapped around a wildly swinging Three Fist’s head while Banshee lay at his feet looking up. I didn’t have time for this crap. I bellowed that Three Fist’s friend was being hurt inside. Amazingly, the big guy heard me and went flying back to the keep with Raine still on his back. If it hadn’t been so serious I would have been laughing. I followed him in time to see the club swat both cloaked figures aside and for Three Fist to pick up Marcus like a doll. I convinced him to let me carry Marcus and had Raine bring him back from the brink. I passed off his limp form and saw one of the cloaked figures had dropped his sword. It was a black blade with what looked like an ivory hilt . . . well no reason not to make a profit right? I grabbed the sword and we all made tracks out of the keep.

We escaped by Three Fist Literally smashing and Ogre shaped hole in the wall. We began to run through the city. Three Fist said something about his captain waiting for him. A ship sounded like a great idea right now so we all followed or new friend the Ogre. Unsurprisingly the ship and said captain were nowhere to be found. Awesome. So instead we began heading for the city gates. I was saying a quiet prayer to myself that our rag tag group could make it out of the city now that the lord was alerted to our presence. My fears however were groundless. The Ogre made a great crowed clearer and we made it out without notable incident. We made it several miles away before stopping a t a copse of trees to rest and plan. There was some hesitation on were to go. Frankly I didn’t care as long as it wasn’t here however the Elven city of Summerset caught my interest. The elves wouldn’t be looking for me, and that bastard Cross had no control or influence there. I pushed for the Elven city and we headed out.

Our travels were fairly uneventful until Marcus had a wild hair to investigate some random tracks he found on the trail. He and Raine went off to take a look leaving Banshee and me to babysit Three Fist. Of course, somehow, even simple travel deteriorated into trouble for us. We were set upon by three bandits. Three bandits we had encountered but scared away at the entrance to Fair Fax when we had first arrived. Having an Ogre around is nice sometimes, if you can deal with the smell. I think the bandits wet themselves when they saw him. At any rate they ran off and shortly after Marcus came back to inform us that he had found a camp and men had run away from him. Brilliant detective work! We decided to help clear the forest of a threat and remove a possible problem for us ahead of time by killing these bandits. Also they had food. And we didn’t. We set up a basic ambush and made short work of the ruffians. We even made some gold doing it.

- Justin D’moore

Justin D'moore's journal entry 6

Entry – 6

We set up a trap for our mark Three Fist at the Lusty Mermaid. We had it all planed out. Banshee and myself would be on the balcony overlooking the front of the inn. Our job would be to throw a net down upon our unsuspecting victim and immobilize him. Marcus would be set up down the dock a ways with his bow to provide support. And the Dragon was the bait. It would have been a great plan, if Three Fist hadn’t been an Ogre. Leave it to the citizens of Fairfax to confuse an Ogre with a Half Orc. This brute had a freaking ships mast for a club! But we didn’t have time to pull out so the plan went forward. The fact that I’m writing this is proof enough we made it and we managed to get Three Fist to boot. In fact nothing went wrong! The Dragon even got beat to a pulp! Serves him right a say, though he did make an excellent stooge.

We collected our bounty and returned to the our inn rooms to rest up for the night. The next day we spent once again laying low for the most part and gathering information. I am interested as to where the money goes after the tax collectors get it from the people. I scoped out the tax office today and think a snoop is in order. That evening we met back at the inn. Turns out everyone had an interesting day, and to top it off the dragon wants to abduct a noble women who he says he thinks he knows from a past life or some such nonsense. Raine agreed to help him after the fact of her beauty was established. I didn’t bother pointing out the stupidity of trying to abduct a noble from the center of the lord’s power. I like Raine but not enough to stop a chance at possibly loosing the Dragon. Plus I was able to convince the Dragon to act as a distraction to give me time to snoop around the tax office, so who am I to complain?

My part of the job went off without a hitch. The money is brought to the keep. Thus it is practically untouchable to me . . . for now at any rate. The Dragon managed to get the distraction off so I never saw a guard. I had Banshee keeping a lookout and Marcus surprised me by volunteering to look for a cash to stash any stolen loot in. when I was finished at the tax office me and Banshee went to the keep to see how things were going there. We arrived just in time to see Raine in dog form being chased all over with shouts of “DEVIL DOG!!” after him and the dragon being dragged away in manacles. Well at least half of that was good news. Me and Banshee are waiting for Marcus to get back and Raine too if he can manage an escape.

- Justin D’moore

Justin D'moore's journal entry 5

Entry – 5

It’s been several days since my last entry. Nothing much has happened but now we are preparing to go after this Three Fist character so I thought I should get down what’s been happening. We spent several days gathering various bits of information. Everyone in my newfound group seems to have things they need to learn. We also gathered some information on Three Fist himself. There are more questions I would have liked to ask but I can’t exactly go ask the contractors myself with my face plastered on their wall. We have come up with a plan to get Three Fist out in the open. I figured word spreads quickly in a city like this, especially when money is involved.

So, I sent everyone out with some silver to pass the word around that our Dragon wanted to prove he was stronger than Three Fist tomorrow at the Lusty Mermaid. Who knows maybe the Dragon will even get the beating he deserves. As to how we got the money. I met my father’s old contacts within the Thieves Guild that Zed had contacted for me. A man named Red and his muscle. I paid my initiation fee with some of my stolen loot. After that they gave the name and location of a fence and said they’d call when they needed a job done. I met the fence and sold the rest of my lucrative goods. I guess I’m a real bonafied thief now huh?

- Justin D’moore

Justin D'moore's journal entry 4

Entry – 4

We made it to Fairfax without a hitch. We even picked up a dog along the way! He is stained green and has horns…how cool is that! Anyway we made it in. I’ve decided to stay with this group. The woodsman and dragon are working closely with the Arbiters. That gives the Arbiters no reason to be suspicious of them and so they should scrutinize the rest of the group. It’s a good cover and who knows they may even be of use.

The first thing I did once we had settled on a…seedy tavern was visit Zed. After sheltering me from the fallout following my fathers capture I didn’t want to visit any trouble to him but I needed to know what was going on in the city. Like it or not he was my only option. I learned from Zed that the guard captain he had tried to kill had now somehow wormed his way to the top of the city. The bastard is the new lord and has become more paranoid than ever. This complicates everything and it was more dangerous than ever for me to be here. But I was already there so I figured I’d see what I could do in the city. I had Zed send out word through his contacts that I was looking to meet with the thieves’ guild and then I met up with the rest of the group. I had sent them on an errand earlier to find out what kinds of jobs were available from the Contractors.

Only one thing moved you in this city…gold, and we had none, so we were doing work. This plan however nearly backfired on me. I had expected that there would be a bounty on me. What I hadn’t expected was that it would be 10,000 gold pieces. When my new friends returned they grilled me on the subject. At that point I either gave them the story strait or I ran again. I had grown tired of running. After I told them the truth of everything I knew they all seemed satisfied, except for the Dragon he really needs to learn to shut that maw of his. I nearly attacked him when he said my predicament was funny. They did bring back other bounties with them. We decided on a Half Orc called “Three Fist” who was worth 1,000 gold pieces. And I decided to liberate some loot from the richer portion of the town.

That night the heist was almost easy. Everything went according to plan … until I found the noble lady in bed with a man … and then her husband came home. I wanted to laugh but that probably wouldn’t be best. With both exits, the downstairs and window and the balcony through the room that was occupied being blocked the job was already a bust. So I leaned into the room and told the guy he had better follow me out. I thought it was funny. The woman started screaming and the husband came barreling up the stairs. Me and the naked man jumped out a window. We made our escape as a strange mist surrounded the man. Running all out we made it to an alley and I got a better look at him he had green hair, small horns and a tail. Oh and he was also the dog we had picked up earlier. Great. His name turned out to be Raine. And within moments Marcus came into our little alley. I’m still unsure how he found us or why he was out at this hour but I’m not really someone who can shake a stick like that, after all I had just been out robbing someone.

- Justin D’moore

Justin D'moore's journal entry 3

Entry – 3

I picked up my cloak today and then stopped by the Arbiter’s office to look at the postings and make sure I wasn’t wanted here yet. The Arbiter told me he needed missives sent to Fairfax and Summerset. I’m still not sure if it’s the smart thing to do but not knowing what’s going on at home was killing me. I offered to take the missive to Fairfax. Turns out the woodsman whose name I found out was Marcus, the dragon and the strange women whose name was apparently Banshee were also taking the missive to Fairfax. Good, it’ll be less noticeable if there are others with me. We leave tomorrow, I don’t know if I should be excited or scared to be going home.

- Justin D’moore

Justin D'moore's journal entry 2

Entry – 2

The night turned out to be more interesting than I expected. A scream woke me in the night. It sounded like the man who led me out here. I ran to where I thought the scream came from but arrived to find only blood in the grass and drag marks leading away. I broke camp and then began following the drag marks but was not very successful in the dark. I did however find a light on the tope of a hill. Upon closer inspection I found two figures hunched around a fire with a pile of what appeared to be bodies next to them. I didn’t know what to make of this and couldn’t learn much in the dark. I decided to spend the remainder of the night in a tree near the bottom of the hill and find out what I could in the morning.

I woke with light hitting my face. Looking up at the hill I saw only one of the figures and he was coming my way. I quickly got out of the tree and moved around behind it to ambush him if need be. As he approached the tree I could make out some details. He was a larger man with plenty of muscle, dressed very much like the other people in the town, all in earthy tones and simple clothes however he was wearing a green cloak that blended with the forest well and carried a long bow. He picked up what I’m assuming was the trail I left and began to stalk me. When he got close enough I sprung my trap and put my sword to his throat before he had a chance to react. I questioned who he was and, well, he was resistant and things generally unraveled from there.

No one was hurt though and I learned that he was actually a woodsman who’s home and family and recently gone up in flames. He had a rather strange companion with him as well. A dragon kin was accompanying him. He was a large brute with scales like rubies but had a gruff demeanor and was very hard to understand at times. He was working with the local Arbiter in order to find who killed his family and avenge them. The dragon was along for the ride I assumed. The Arbiter had a strange companion as well, she had a tail and horns and skin pale as alabaster. Her eyes too were white. She seemed to pull it off nicely though and she was pleasant enough if a bit confused. At any rate we shared information and decided that we may all be looking for the same thing.

Those “things” people say roam around at night. After some more tracking thanks to my new friend the woodsman who apparently had some sort of stick up his ass and wasn’t very friendly, we found a bear cave that seemed to be housing some new occupants. They looked like goblins and we quickly decided they needed to go. I tried to set up an ambush but it didn’t quite work out. I left the fools when the dragon died and death seemed an imminent event. No use adding my body to the pile. The goblins were beaten though, thanks to some healing from the Arbiter. They’re all still sore about me leaving them. I’m still confused as to why they would expect a complete stranger to die for them.

I found the girl. I found the man who contracted me too. They’re dead. The man was hooked up to tubes and was on a table. The girl, she was . . . all over. We left after the Arbiter had collected some samples and the body of one of the monsters we had slain. We headed back to town and I ordered a cloak before grabbing a room at the only inn for the night. The woodsman and dragon are here too. I miss my home.

- Justin D’moore

Justin D'moore's journal entry 1

Justin’s Journal

Entry – 1

I’ve made it out of the city and fled to a small frontier town called Deacon. It’s on the road from Fairfax so a bounty may be following me but there aren’t any postings yet, so for now I’m safe. I spent my first day acquainting myself with the town and trying to sort out a plan. It seems this town has had some trouble of late, stories of roving…things in the night and missing persons as well as livestock.

I took one of the jobs posted at the local binders office to find a missing girl. I’ve talked to the girl’s father and he led me out to where she picked flowers in the forest. I found a trail and have followed it until darkness ended the search. I set myself up a makeshift camp for the night and have made an early warning trap just incase something is out in the woods.

- Justin D’moore


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