Lady Lunas Sylvaria

A mysterious Matron in the twilight city of the Lunarii


Born into a family of high nobility, Lady Lunas grew up with in the highest echeleons of Lunarii society. Her youth was spent under the private tutelage of her father, learning the manner of business, treachery, and most importantly control. Seeing the raw potential for leadership in his daughter he molded her with the desire for a worthy heir. Having lost both sons in raids to the surface against the Solanum, Lord Sylvaria, had no intention of throwing away such a promising disciple into the throws of armed combat. Afraid she might find her better on the battlefield in the open he instead taught her to work within the shadows, to catch an enemy unaware, to disappear without a trace, be a stalker in the shadows. Many of Lord Sylvaria’s foes disappeared mysteriously during her training.

Shrewd, vivacious, and more importantly, methodical. All these are used to describe the great Lunarii matron. Hailing from the very prestigous house of Lunas, she took to the role of leadership at an early age, her father sensing the potential in his budding daughter molded and shaped her natural born gifts,

Lady Lunas Sylvaria

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