The Vessel of Fate; a young Infernal sorceress whose body became a prison for the celestial Goddess, Nic'even.


Banshee is of the Infernal race of Tieflings (unbeknownst to her due to the lingering amnesia), and liken to her kin, she was born with a prehensile tail and horns. Her tail doubles as a weapon due to the 3 wicked spikes extruding from the end of it, which look similar to hooks. The largest of the spikes, on the very end of her tail, measures at about 6" long; the other two about 4" and 2", descending in size. The horns are larger than is normal for most Tieflings, standing at 8" high. Though they resemble the horns of a domesticated Caprinae goat, Banshee’s have a smaller, hook-like protrusion coming out of the lower mid-section of the horn.

Also, due to her racial traits, Banshee can call forth talon-like claws from her nail beds, similar to the manner in which a cat extends it’s own claws. She also has the ability to use her 3" claws as vicious weapons. which wouldn’t leave an unsuspecting rogue many options of sneaking up on the Tiefling due to her being the living epitome of a “double edged” weapon when you include both her horns and her similarly hooked spike-heels in the equation!

As far as physical attributes go, this 6’2" crimson-haired sorceress is very easy on the eyes. As is traditional with most redheads out there, Banshee’s eyes are a vibrant green, though said-pigmentation is normally uncommon in Tieflings. Her hair is mostly cut short, aside from the two lengthened plaits tucked behind either ear. She also has the pale, spattered-with-freckles skin that goes along with her hair colour, as well as the “knife-ears” that are common to her race. Each ear is adorned with a large gauge in the lower lobe.

Bearing ample breasts, a trim, muscle-toned waist, and wide “childbearing” hips, Banshee is what would be considered the pseudo-Amazonian version of vivacious and curvy, due to her well-endowed yet still very feminine body.

As is relative with most traveling adventurers (especially ones who have recently lost their memory), our Infernal miss doesn’t have a very wide variety when it comes to her wardrobe and adornments. She can usually be seen in her Rothe-leather bustier, which has been tanned to a dark, ashen black, edged with a similar material that has been intricately cut into ivory and black triangles and pieced together, hemming both the top and bottom. The bustier is corseted up the back, and has armored plates of shining Mithril on the front which has been carefully and meticulously molded into a pattern similar to that of rib bones. The skirt she wears is made up of some type of shimmering hand-woven material, rumored to be the rare silk of the Ethereal Plane-dwelling Phase Spider.

For adornments, Banshee wears an ornamental Mithril armband on her left bicep that resembles three skeletal fingers; two curving around the front of her arm and one around the back. The bracer she wears is some sort of steel permanently bound upon her left forearm, for no latch or lease can be seen. The underside of the bracer is emblazoned with Infernal script that translates into “Banshee” in the Common tongue, while the topside of the bracer is etched with multiple flaming arcs, and boasting a single Emerald gem in the part nearest her wrist. The entire bracer seems to be lined with a fleece-like material and is edged in soft leather. Nothing is worn on her right arm.

Upon her neck, our sorceress always wears her Silver-strung leather choker with it’s central onyx jewel. The obsidian stone is priceless because of the dweomer it carries, allowing Banshee to both commune and understand speech in all languages; both planar and extra-planar.

The last of her ornaments is not an actual trinket. Rather, it is the pentacle scar upon her chest. The star-shaped defect seems to have been permanently branded upon her skin, though it’s purpose or source is still unknown to Banshee herself. In recent adventures with her traveling party, the scar has exuded some sort of arcane power.

Temporary Banshee Reference sheet:



Banshee recalls very little of her past; all that remains is a blurred sensation of memories, hidden behind a veil of enigmatic power. She has wandered rather aimlessly through Dregora and the region of Andor over the past few months, trying to find the remnants of her Self, and who she really is. With Sorcery banned from most decent towns, and the residual hatred left over from the Devil Wars towards her kind, Banshee has seen more than her fair share of prejudice cast upon sorcerers and the Infernal race alike.

With only her name written on the steel bracer she wears, and an arcane seal on her chest bearing a tremendous power, our amnesiac sorceress has now teamed up with an unlikely group of adventurers… All the while hoping to one day reclaim a past that mysteriously eludes her.

Love Interests

Banshee has taken a liking to her Tiefling companion, Rayne; a shape-shifting Druid of the wilds, and a self-proclaimed “animal”. Over their time together, he and Banshee began to explore a more intimate relationship because of their natural chemistry with each other. Their kinship had both its benefits, and burdens as well, when it came to battles their adventuring party endured.


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