A man who lost everything seeks vengence against an army.


Str: 14(+2) Dex: 18(+4) Con: 13(+1) Int: 10(+0) Wis: 12(+1) Cha: 11(+0)

Fort: 5 Ref: 8 Will: 2 BaB: 5

Ac: 17(+1 Leather Armor(3), Dex(4))

MWK Elven Mighty Longbow, Attack: +11, Damage: 1d8+1 w/ Point Blank Shot & Deadly Aim: +10, Damage: 1d8+6


Was a simple woodsman living outside a small frontier town until a band of strange undead-ish creatures attacked his home killing both his wife and son. In a blind rage he slaughtered the creatures and wept for his loss. Through a series of events he came to find that the creatures were the beginnings of something called the half-dead, a new race of creatures springing up from the armies of the corpse queen. Marcus swore vengence on any half-dead he could find and set off to thwart the Corpse Qeen in any way he could.


The Legacy of the Creator Erebus