Justin D'moore

A 19 year old thief orphande by the unjust death of his father and mother.


|Name: Justin D’moore|
| Align: Chaotic Neutral| Deity: None |
| Race: Human | Age: 19 | Level: 5 Rogue |
|Height: 5ft 6in | Weight: 145 lbs |
|Hair/Eyes: Brown hair / gray eyes |

|HP: 37 | AC: 19 | Touch: 15 | Flat-Footed: 12

Strength: |16| +3
Dexterity: |20| +5
Constitution: |16| +3
Intelligence: |18| +4
Wisdom: |15| +2
Charisma: |14| +2

Fortitude: |+4|
Reflex: |+9|
Will: |+3|

Attack Bonuses
Base attack bonus:|+3|
CMB: |+9|
CMD: |+21|


The Story So Far

My father and mother were of the lower caste. My mother was an herbalist who helped my father who practiced alchemy making small potions and salves for those who needed it. They eventually had two children, a daughter and a year later a son followed. Three years of happiness and stability ensued. On the fourth year however tragedy came to our town and our family. It was just starting to get truly cold in our town and the first snow was expected anytime. My father was at home with me when it happened, fixing a leak in our roof and keeping an eye on me.

My mother had gone into town looking for ingredients to make our meal that night. My father and I waited well into the night for them to return. In the middle of the night my father instructed me to stay in the house and that he was going to get mother. He was gone for several more ours. When he returned he was ashen faced and only told me one thing before going to bed. “Your mother and sister aren’t coming home tonight.” It snowed heavily that night.

I later discovered that a young noble had happened upon my mother in the market district. The bastard had tried to buy my mothers company but she refused. When he tried to force himself upon her she struck him sending him into a rage. He drew his knife and slew my mother, when my sister screamed he turned to her next in order to cover his tracks. Half my family was murdered that night.

My father had heard this story through rumors from the city guard the night he went looking for my mother. The young nobles father was a high-ranking member of the city council and paid off the guard captain to keep his son out of trouble. The Guard captain wouldn’t listen to my father’s plea and refused to even release the bodies of my mother and sister to him. Something changed in my father that day. He became obsessed with finding the ones responsible and making them pay for my mothers murder. His worked reflected his inner change. He began to learn things, I never found out where or from who; How to become unnoticeable, how to pick a lock, how to melt into the shadows. His alchemy started changing when he did; Soothing salves were replaced by poisons and acid filled the potion vials.

My father was gone almost every night. But he always brought things back when he came home; Sometimes food, sometimes coin. During the day he would teach me what he was learning. I was good at it and enjoyed spending time with my father so it wasn’t bad for me. He even smiled when he was with me. So I trained hard to be as helpful as possible. This went on for almost fourteen years.

On the third anniversary of my mother and sisters passing my father told me that he would not be coming home until very late that night. I begged to go with him but he just smiled and told me that I needed to stay and guard the house. He left and I waited. I waited for hours, but I couldn’t stand waiting; it reminded me to much of the night my mother died. I went into town, making sure I was unnoticed and traveling by ally and rooftop just as my father taught me. There was a din coming from the town square so I crept to a rooftop nearby to see what was going on. As I crested the roof I watched my father dropped in the noose, breaking his neck and killing him in front of me.

I was paralyzed by grief and couldn’t cope. I almost froze staying on the roof long after the crowd cleared and my father’s body was taken away. I learned over the next several days that my father had died getting his revenge. The young noble was found hanging upside down from the ceiling in his room eviscerated. His father was barely recognizable because of the acid he was forced to drink. However he failed trying to kill the guard captain and was subdued by the guards on duty. he was hanged that only a few hours later. During my search i found out that the guard captain had also put a price out on my head as an accomplice to my fathers crimes. This town had now taken all I knew and had ever loved and now i was wanted by it for crimes i hadn’t committed. I had to leave. The next day I collected my father’s alchemy materials and my own gear, replicas of my fathers own equipment, and left the city.

I traveled for two weeks hitching rides and walking until I got to this town, Deacon i think its called. i can only hope that i can figure things out here enough to find a path. preferably one leading to vengeance.

Justin D'moore

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