The Legacy of the Creator

Justin D'moore's journal entry 9

Entry – 9

We’ve agreed to explore the crater, although Banshee seemed a little underwhelmed by the idea, insisting that we be very ready before jumping into that idea. We slept that night and when we awoke we split up again to start finding information about the hole. Except for Marcus and Raine. Marcus is starting to get a bit paranoid after what he’s been through. He kept saying there was something in the water when we came to the city. Well, the water seemed clear enough to me and tasted fine, too. But he decided to take Raine to meet the druids today and then go off on his own to look for. . . I dunno, dirty water I guess? Like I said: Paranoid.

Banshee decided to go and see if she couldn’t turn up any more information on her past, and the fun new brand she picked up after visiting the clerics. I went to look for Geldric, an elven bard I had met the other day. He is also someone Banshee knows. Apparently, from the elven caravan she almost rode with back in Fairfax. When I last talked to him, he had interesting little stories from everywhere he’s been. I had hoped that if I could keep him from rambling he might know something of the hole, and I was right. He was able to give me more information on it than I had been able to scrounge before. His details were still vague, but it was to be expected, since the hole is forbidden by the elves.

I grabbed the travel supplies I thought we might’ve needed on my way back, as well as a spell book for Banshee. Apparently “Wild” magic is forbidden, unless its done by a druid… Then its ok. These elves have interesting double standards… Anyway, I figured she could learn to bluff casting out of a book if she had one. That way, she wouldn’t get arrested for torching a bad guy!

We all met back at the inn to go over what we had learned. Raine was apparently spending the night with the druids. The Four only know if that’s a good idea.

Marcus learned how the water in the city is purified, Banshee found out that it’s some sort of seal on her, and I found out that climbing down the hole is a bad idea. We decided that in the morning, Banshee and myself would look for magical means down, while Marcus collected Raine and continued his search for nasty water in the magically purified canals. He’s kinda becoming endearing at this point. I wonder when “The walls are watching us!!” speech will pop up?

- Justin D’moore



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