The Legacy of the Creator

Justin D'moore's journal entry 16

Entry – 16

Things are bad right now. Raine is hurt badly and has been unconscious for over a day now. Marcus is getting twitchy again and Banshee, I don’t know she’s been pretty quiet since Raine went down. She hasn’t left his side once. But I’m getting out of order. No use keeping this thing if no one can understand it someday.

We had all taken a watch after fighting that blob and were getting ready to head deeper in. everyone was curious about the bridge we had found and who had built it so we decided to find out. We started heading downstream and in an effort to ease the tension Raine started making jokes and playing with the knives he had just acquired. Marcus told him to move them with his mind instead of holding them, then he could use them in dog form. Raine immediately transformed and began focusing intently, staring at the knives. I couldn’t help myself. I silently triggered my ring of telekinesis making one of the knives wobble at first then jump in the air. Raine was utterly convinced he had done it and was celebrating his new power. Everyone was having a good time laughing with and at Raine as I made the knife move toward his face, making him fall on his butt. That’s when the gobliniods hit us.

We had a brief cry to warn us as a swarm of goblins, orcs, and rat like dogs came skittering toward us. They caught Raine on the ground and started tearing into him, the rest of us retaliated immediately. We fought hard but couldn’t push to were Raine was being savaged. He went limp near the end. Eventually we managed to kill or scare the creatures and the silence returned. Raine was breathing but he was torn up. Marcus was able to bandage him well enough to stop the bleeding but moving him was tricky. Eventually we retreated to the tunnel previous to the one with the river and made camp against a wall. There was nothing for it at that point other than to wait for Raine to wake up. Fate wasn’t smiling on us that day.

Not more than six hours later we heard movement in the tunnel behind us. I went with a torch to take a look and found four lizard men armed with crude clubs and stinking like carrion sneaking towards us. I high tailed it back to the others and warned them. Moments later the scaled creatures came upon us hissing and snapping at us. Banshee because of here collar was able to understand and translate for us. They wanted us to leave all of our equipment and Raine behind and they would let us go. We were not going to give these bastards anything, especially not a companion. I tried to bluff our way out of this mess with some intimidation. I claimed that we had just slain close to thirty gobliniods in the tunnels ahead of us and that we had only lost Raine because of their numbers. I guess they weren’t very sharp. They bought the story and sent one of their number to check. We all waited like polite little monsters for their scout to get back.

He returned shortly saying that we had indeed slayed the goblins. Their apparent leader offered us a new deal. Leave all of our stuff and take Raines and we could live. Like I said we weren’t giving these stink bags anything. I told him I needed to confer with my companions. As I turned I saw that Marcus already had an arrow trained on one of them. The Four bless that man. I shot him a quick wink and turned to banshee who was almost nose-to-nose with their scout. As soon as I got close I tore into the stinking lizard tearing our shreds of scaled hide and foul flesh. The lizards let loose savage hissing howls and joined combat as Marcus began to feather them with arrows.

The battle was going well until their leader snaked between me and Banshee and grabbed Raines unconscious form. He menaced Raines face with the club shouting at us to lay down our arms. Banshee made a move towards Raine, and the lizard hammered his already broken form with his club. Something flashed in Banshees eyes the moment this happened the next thing I know there was this flash of light and then…nothing. The lizard was just…gone, and she was kneeling next to Raines still form. Marcus shot down the last enemy as he tried to flee and then we all gathered back around Raines. He was in even worse shape, but alive. He’d have several broken ribs to add to his roster of injuries but he was still breathing. We spent the next hour changing his bandages and piling the foul lizard bodies into a makeshift barricade that at least would hide Raines from site as well as provide minimal cover for us if another fight broke out. We’ve been rotating watches and resting for over a day.

Raines has woken up once for only a couple minutes. He was with us long enough to get some water in him but then he passed out again. We’re all hopping he is going to pull through, none more so than Banshee I think. We will stay by his side until whatever horrors are left in these caves pull our bloody corpses away, or until he wakes up fine and happy, the only way Raine should be.

- Justin D’moore



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