The Legacy of the Creator

Justin D'moore's journal entry 14

Entry – 14

We made to the hole. In fact I’m writing this on a small cliff on the wall of the cave. Since my last entry we traveled to the edge of this crater without any trouble. We decided that we should climb down as far as we safely can before using our scrolls. I sure hope those things work or its this is going to have been a short trip. I’m not saying I don’t trust the guy who made them, but there really isn’t any way to test them without burning one, and we may need all four.

The climb down wasn’t very hard, there seemed to be many worn ledges and cracks that made decent enough trails. The main issue was how big this hole really was. Massive doesn’t even begin to cover it. It took us most of the afternoon and into dusk just to make it down maybe one hundred and fifty yards! The last bit was a shear cliff but had a nice platform below it. It took some rope but we were able to make it down ok. Everyone is getting some shuteye here for the night. In the morning we pop those scrolls and see what the elves were making such a big fuss about.

- Justin D’moore



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