The Legacy of the Creator

Justin D'moore's journal entry 12

Entry – 12

We spent our last day preparing for our departure. I picked up the scrolls we had been waiting on and headed back to the inn. Apparently a messenger from Falen had stopped by, Marcus informed the rest of us that Falen was having a banquet in our honor for our assistance in the last couple of days problems. I’ve never been to a banquet, and this was an elven banquet, I was getting pretty excited until Marcus reminded me that we were the honored guests and stealing anything at all would probably end with us being chased out of town at best. I decided to play nice this evening.

We needed some clothes other than our armor, so we went to a tailor in town. After hearing who we were he insisted on making our clothes for free. I could get used to this hero thing! We spent the rest of the day running several small errands and lounging about. I did take the opportunity to get my mask painted however. I’m quiet pleased with the black and silver leaf design.

We picked up our clothes late in the afternoon and headed for Falens place. This house was nice even by elven standards and that’s saying something. When we entered we were greeted by a servant and were shown in. we were the first guests and Falen was with his daughter in the courtyard. We all went to meet him and found him fiercely engaged in swordplay with his daughter. It was the most impressive display I have ever seen. The speed and grace was amazing to watch and would be terrifying to oppose. Note to self: never seek conflict with Falen or his daughter. Their bout ended with Falen as the victor. After it was over he came over and greeted us warmly. His daughter left to get ready for the banquet while we talked with Falen.

The night continued and guests started trickling in. one of the first to arrive was Geldric, the friendly elven bard I had talked to earlier. Many more showed up until we had quite the crowed gathered. The night continued to progress and dinner was served. Near the end of the meal Falen made a toast in our honor before presenting us with very fine elven cloaks embroidered with his family’s crest. It was a good night and one I will remember for a long time to come. Perhaps we can make a place for ourselves in this elven town. Only time will tell.

- Justin D’moore



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