The Legacy of the Creator

Justin D'moore's journal entry 10

Entry – 10

Well, it’s been an interesting two days. I guess I can’t make cracks about Marcus being paranoid anymore. But I should start at the beginning…

We all woke up and went to do what we had planned. Banshee and I went to find a wizard, and Marcus went to get Raine. We found a wizard, who was much more personable than the last one I had met, and got four scrolls of Floating Disks made. He told us they would be ready in four days. We headed back to the inn and met up with Marcus and Raine.

The next morning, we found the dead elf. Banshee was the first to notice. He had been a patron the previous night, and we had assumed he was just passed out… Except he wasn’t breathing. This rubbed Marcus’s paranoid nerve wrong, and he launched into full investigation mode. The guard was summoned, but not before I was able to palm his rather heavy looking coin purse. Hey, its not like he was gonna use any of it!

Riding his coattails, I asked who the dead elf was, and upon finding out he was a well-off merchant, I asked about where he lived or did business so that I could look for clues. He works out of a warehouse, and I even got directions. I’m starting to like the elves more.

The bag I snagged had a decent amount of gold in it, as well as three of those door cubes and two keys. I went to the warehouse with Banshee and Raine, who was apparently mad at Marcus for leaving him with the boring druids. Marcus assures me I missed a rant worth remembering when he had gone to pick him up.

Marcus himself was going to scour the water systems to find his black water and get a sample. I assured him that if he got a sample, I would take a look and see if I recognized any Alchemical elements it may contain.

Raine, Banshee and I then made our way to the warehouse. Banshee didn’t want to stay, or didn’t approve of me investigating. It was fine with me, though I did ask that Raine grab the sample of water Marcus might have and bring it to me. He had an evil grin that I didn’t understand until later.

I tried the cubes on the door of the warehouse and it opened for me. The warehouse was filled with crates and several wagons. I moved to the first wagon and struck pay dirt, finding a large chest with a conventional lock, thank the Four. One of my keys opened the lock and inside were a lot of papers and four small boxes.

At that point, I nearly leapt out of my skin when a wild looking elven woman stumbled out of the back of the wagon and turned to face me. I must be getting complacent in this city for not noticing her. She began questioning me as to what I was doing. Thankfully, I was able to talk my way out of it by telling her that I worked for her boss and that I was bringing the boxes to him. With that, and an idol threat of turning her in for sleeping on the job and drinking wine that probably belonged to her employer, I was able to walk away without trouble.

Upon returning to the inn, things began to devolve into the trouble we usually carry with us. Marcus actually found the black water and got a sample. But Raine, for reasons unknown other than he was still sore with Marcus, drank the suspected poisoned water. Lovely… We went up to our rooms and explained to Raine what he had done. He left to go vomit, and I began to open my new boxes. The first box was my favorite. It had 30 platinum pieces and several hundred gold pieces. I haven’t been that happy in a very long time! The other boxes held mostly ledgers, except for one that had a Star Ruby, a giant Opal, and two rings. Banshee, after some waving, said that the rings and the Opal were magic. That made me happy all over again. I’d better be careful, or all this happy might change my opinion of the world.

Banshee and I went down to the wizards place again, and got our things identified. The rings were one of Defense, which I gave to Banshee, and one of Telekinesis, which I kept. The Opal turned out to be able to allow the holder to understand any language spoken as if it was Common. Banshee asked for this one as well, thinking that putting it on some sort of collar or necklace might help hide her new mark. I agreed, and she fitted it to her collar.

As the evening wore on, Raine came back holding his stomach, and with him, the scary elven woman from the warehouse. She came into our room, and upon seeing me demanded, to know why I had killed her employer and where her pay was. I paid her more than what I thought her wages were after I assured her we had nothing to do with her employer’s death, and that we were searching for the cause ourselves. I’m not really sure why, but Raine suggested that I needed to throw up. The elven woman then tried to hit me and Raine in the stomach. She missed me, but drilled Raine. He vomited right in her face. Then she vomited, and then everyone vomited. It was disgusting… There was a trip to the bath house, and an added fee given to the inn owner.

Somehow, the tall elf woman has attached herself to me, believing me to be her new employer. Well, at least she isn’t a dragon or an ogre? We all are bunking in Banshee and Raine’s room, as mine and Marcus’s was soiled. In two more days our scrolls will be ready, and with any luck we will be on our way to the crater.

- Justin D’moore



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